Leathlete seminar (BJJ for Law Enforcement)

van de organisatie : The Aalst seminar is in the books! The seminar was sold out in record time and with good reason! A big thanks for our captain for the day, @koendekleyne . Kimura madness and some good take-downs were on the menu! 40+ motivated colleagues completed the picture! We hope for those for whom it was a first acquaintance with bjj/grappling that they were triggered to start there bjj journey! If you work the streets, ONE DAY there WILL BE an incident where you will be thankful have trained! Also a big thank you to @vins_jitsu for being of service as the photographer! Keep an eye on our social media in the coming days for more pictures! And of course also for info about the upcoming seminars.


PhD gaat naar NAGA (veni, vidi, vici)

PHD-BJJ Aalst @ NAGA European afgelopen weekend:

We stonden er als team!
Juniors, Teens, adults, 30+ en 40+. Competiteurs en niet-competiteurs.

Netto resultaat: 11 podiumplaatsen!
Als kleine club stonden wij in de top 15 qua ranking (#12),
tussen de grotere spelers/affiliaties van de wereld.

Voor de betere grondvecht technieken te Aalst, moet je bij PHD-BJJ zijn! 🤗🙌


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